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Our first business step was done with the idea of delivering the highest quality possible at a lower cost. We wanted to change the fact that driving web traffic was often expensive and complicated, which helped us to grow immensely as a business. We have produced the unique software which is successfully used by brands AF2AF, RevenueLab. Having a number of highly ambitious projects , we decided to launch ROBUSTA.

ROBUSTA is a world-class company that is dedicated to embracing individual creativity and unearthing new, exciting creative ideas – however crazy they may seem.

We stand by our values of hard work and integrity and believe that the work we do is driven by a sense of joy and excitement.

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We use our wide-ranging expertise and the latest technology to help publishers and advertisers secure a steady income from any traffic source.


A partner you can trust
We are devoted to assisting our partners in maximising revenues while minimizing losses. We always provide our partners with a wide range of opportunities and work hard to make business processes clear and straightforward.
Cutting-edge marketing
We invest in the latest technology because we believe it gives our business the tools we need to succeed in a competitive marketplace. For us the key to peak performance is continual learning and constant investment.
Cultivating creativity
We value the unorthodox. We embrace approaches that are left-field and are comfortable working flexibility in order to deliver unexpected solutions. We’re always open to new ideas and encourage our team to make the most of their unique skills and talent set.
Cherishing human relationships
Our business connections are based on mutual trust and respect. We know the market backwards and this allows us to stay on the same page as our partners. We would never sacrifice our reputation for immediate profit.
Working with a sense of joy
We love the work we do and our global success has been a by-product of our continued hard work. Our priority has always been to create a welcoming, happy working environment while forging a unique team spirit.


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