QA Automation Engineer


Form of work: telework, fulltime (5/2), salary up to RUB120 000/mo.

About the project:

We are launching a new project, the aim of which is to build a marketing web platform for advertisers and affiliates to automate the business processes between them. The platform will include metrics gathering, analytics and report modules, as well as the possibility for its users to interact via blockchain in the future.

Our chosen technologies and approaches: Java, Angular, PostgreSQL, CI/CD, Docker, Microservices, Reactive Architecture, automated testing, Scrum.

The tasks you will tackle:

  • Automated testing script development;
  • Testing data development/preparation;
  • Conducting manual and automated testings;
  • Load/performance testings;
  • Testing results evaluation.

What is expected of you:

  • Minimum 3 years of automated web applications testing experience (frontend & backend) with Selenium or other frameworks;
  • REST knowledge, the testing experience of API, SQL;
  • The experience of working with Git;
  • Agile, DevOps, CI/CD experience.

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